Modern Commitment | Clarity Workshop
Work On Your Marriage NOW Without Your Spouse Having to Participate.
Transformation is very possible with ONLY you involved. But, you'll need a roadmap and enough understanding of your marriage to create lasting, positive change.
Modern Commitment | Clarity Workshop
A Roadmap Designed for: Self Improvement, Marriage Improvement and Jump Starting Marriage Counseling (for Couples Who Chose That Path). 
There is a lot we unknowingly participate in doing, or avoiding, that co-creates our stuckness.
Get a deep dive on the curious, paradoxical, frustrating and fascinating world of married life, from the research and every day experiences of couples therapists. Without assuming anything bad about your spouse, nor offering any suggestions that may backfire, you are given a clear, sensible, safe road for improving your marriage.
  • Immediately begin to see your marriage from a new angle
  • With a new lens on your relationship you will have new opportunities, even if you think you have already tried everything
How Bad Is Your Marriage?
We dive deep into married life in a fascinating, engaging way. You'll begin to see your own role in the marriage and appreciate the path we're setting for you to make positive changes. 
  • Understand hard versus soft problems, as well as acute versus chronic problems, and why those categories matter in getting unstuck
  • Discover new ways you may be creating the very behaviors you don't like from your spouse and how to untangle the pattern without nagging, feeling resentful- or even discussing it
  •  Appreciate how you do, or don't do, conflict and connection well, and how you may be sending mixed up signals to your spouse
  •  Uncover those elements from your past that come into the marriage and how they can create a deep frustration (but don't have to stay frustrating)
Hard Problems
Abuse. Affairs. Addictions. This section may not apply to you but it's very likely you have a friend, coworker, or family member dealing with one of these. You may wish to listen and learn. If you are in one of these scenarios, either as the one doing the behaviors or married to someone, we offer some useful ideas on how to keep your marriage healthy, even though you can't control your spouse.
  • Affairs are terribly painful but the strange, good news is they do NOT have to end a marriage. We walk you through what to contemplate and what action steps to take if you're in this marriage situation.
  •  We know there can be huge fights about whether a relationship even was an affair. Here we go into "emotional affairs" and help you figure out how to prevent them and manage to recover from them.
  •  Addictions, broadly defined as impairment from alcohol, drugs (legal or illegal), or substances, is a huge topic. Here we drill down very precisely to what to do if you're in a marriage where this is a big problem. We talk about use and abuse versus addiction, and offer a framework for how to navigate this very complex dynamic.
  •  Abuse is a very misused word. We break down the very fresh, not well know research on what is nowadays referred to as "intimate personal violence." Whether there is physical or emotional abuse, we help you navigate how to break patterns of dysfunction, with good help, or if you are in danger, we ask you to get immediate help in your local community. The research is clear that many couples can make their marriages safe from abuse with the right help. 
Emotional Self Work in Marriage
​Marriage is one of the best ways to test our emotional limits because it's inherently the most intimate and therefore challenging of all human relationships. Coworkers, friends and even family (when we're grown up) don't begin to compete with the complexity of a marriage relationship.
  • Understand what a "solid self" is, how it's a lifelong journey to develop and how our partners are a key part of us knowing our real selves.
  •  Whether or not you'd ever use the word anxiety to describe yourself, marriage will always create anxiety or panic at some point or another. It is impossible to not be triggered by our spouses. Learn to identify hard and soft feelings and how you can better articulate yourself to your spouse. 
  •  No matter what you think of your spouse, this section will deepen your understanding of yourself and your role in your marriage.
Time for Personal Action!
Bill Doherty has worked with groups and with hundreds of individuals in the therapy room to create what we call a Personal Agenda for Change. This is the action stage of the course when, with new insights and appreciations of your role in your marriage, you'll be walked step by step in exactly what to work on, why, and what to expect.
  •  Learn the idea behind this action stage and why it works so well to help a marriage when just one person is putting in focused energy.
  •  Within the criteria and rules of what to change, get a deeper sense of what would be good for you and good for the marriage.
  •  We share many, many examples from real individuals (husbands and wives) of their Personal Agenda for Change, so you don't have to go at this alone.
  •  Learn exactly how to implement changes, what to expect in your marriage, and how to navigate potential shifts that occur.
You Can Improve Your Marriage Today.
​No matter what your marriage life has been like, we have created a safe, simple, straightforward road map for you- the same road map we use to help so many people in our therapy offices.
"Marriage is a "people making" machine. Like a furnace, marriage brings out the worst in us in heated moments. It is each of our jobs to learn to understand ourselves better so that we can bring our best selves to our marriage."
Bill Doherty, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, The Doherty Relationship Institute
Modern Commitment | The Clarity Workshop
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