What Do You Do When Commitment to the
Marriage is Up in the Air?

You and your spouse once made an intentional, lifelong commitment to each other. This commitment is the foundation of a marriage (whether it’s made legally or not.)

When this commitment has become shaky, we support people through this website and our network of local therapists.

Living in commitment limbo comes with serious stress and high stakes for the couple, their children, extended families, and social networks.

A thousand decisions in the future will come for this big decision about staying or leaving.

You're considering divorce.

Maybe your marriage today is not tolerable in the long-term.

Maybe you’ve tried to make things better, but nothing seems to be working.

We offer deep support to help you get more clarity on what has likely happened in your marriage and then action steps you can take, on your own. We believe that if you’re on this website, you genuinely want more clarity and confidence about where to go in this marriage.

Your spouse has brought up divorce.

Whether this is brand new to you or a long-standing threat, you’re stuck.

Words sometimes backfire on you but at this point you feel you have to keep trying.

It seems you’re at the mercy of how your spouse decision will land: in court or in a therapist’s office. The good news: you can get out of a “reactor” role and you can get through to your spouse in a new way.