Welcome to Modern Commitment, 

a project of The Doherty Foundation for Social and Civic Well-Being

Commitment in relationships (marriage, family and other bonds) has been a passionate interest of ours for many years. So we’re glad to make it a core part of our foundation.

Adding the word “modern” is our way of saying that, while commitment in some ways hasn’t changed—it’s being steadfast, hanging in there in good times and bad—in other ways it has be to updated because the contemporary world is harder on lasting commitments.

Modern commitment is hard for a good reason and a problematic reason.

The good reason is that today both people in a relationship have choices to stay or leave—that wasn’t always the case in the distant past when divorce, for example, was almost impossible. 

The problematic reason is that we now live in a consumer culture where commitment is only worth it when things are going well—when the payoff is there for “self.” Marriage becomes a consumer lifestyle to make us happy, and when we’re not happy, well…. And if you decide that your parents, or an adult kid, are too hard to take any more, there is always an exit ramp.

Modern Commitment tackles the thorny challenge of putting together permanence, choice, and human flourishing in a world that says the three can’t go together.