Annoyed at the In-Laws? Wrong. The Real Problem Is….

The real problem is probably something else.

In-law struggles are very real...but often the solution is not what you think it is.

Here's the thing:

if you and your spouse aren't on the same page about how to handle in-laws, then you don't have an in-law problem – you have a marriage problem.

Once you get on the same page, the in-laws may stay challenging but the stress is a whole let less because you and your spouse are a real team. And being a team means that when you reach an agreement, you each handle the issues with your own parents.

Family talks to family. If you're the son-or-daughter in-law, you can "retire" from direct negotiations!

We created this infographic to help you. We also have a list of highly qualified marriage experts across the nation who are very capable of helping you sort through the hurts and tension.

Have really challenging parents or in-laws? We strongly recommend marriage counseling as a way to unpack the landmines that are inside your marriage... some of which you probably can't see being so stuck inside it.

And if the two of you are battling about parenting differences, check out our advice here.

If you or your spouse are uncertain about the future of the marriage, our store has support for either of you and our Discernment Counselors are the best type of therapist to hire for where your marriage is at.