Are You A Wife Considering Divorce?

To be in your shoes is likely a walk with a wide range of emotions.

Some days you feel like your marriage is close to the brink, and other days you feel better. If you are bouncing around between hope, despair, uncertainty, worry, a sense of freedom, and maybe shame or guilt--well, you are normal for a wife seriously thinking about divorce. While we can’t know what has happened to your specific marriage, we do know what many women in your situation have gone through and reported to researchers studying something called "divorce ambivalence."

We want to offer you some of what we would give you in therapy: a way to understand your emotions and thoughts and to bring forward your “best self,” as we like to say.

And the best self here means doing everything you can—right  now—to make sure you make the right decision.

Thus is born our online support.

We have a members area and a lot of material for you.

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Are You a Wife That's Tired of Trying and Not Seeing Change?