How to Avoid Struggles in Daily Chores


We would be remiss if we didn't address the #1 comedy gold of marriages.


Adulting is hard enough on our own. Now add in someone else with a different set of standards, timeliness, attention to detail and schedule. No wonder it's a topic of endless humor for comedians (but fights for millions of couples.)

Below is our infographic attempt to actually getting real couples unstuck.

Note: We are not a fan of 50/50 unless both people have equal skills, talents, time, energy AND most importantly--the same level of anxiety and stress about the tasks.

If you remain stuck and find yourself bitter, resentful or otherwise in a bad place about your spouse (no matter whether you're the chore doer or the chore avoider), it can be very useful to get some outside support.

Often "small silly" issues are about much bigger issues. Marriage therapists have heard it all and can help you move faster and more effectively towards a happier place for both of you.

Unsure about your marriage counselor?