Chronic Problems

At The Doherty Relationship Institute, we believe every marriage problem can be broken down into one of two categories. This page is dedicated to chronic problems. These are long-lasting, really-don’t-go-away issues (though with the right help can really improve) and they have a different energy for couples than the other types of problem: acute problems or a full out marital crisis.

Chronic problems now account for the major reason couples divorce. Generally, one spouse finds chronic problems intolerable enough that marriage counseling is the only hope for change. (Or maybe marriage counseling has failed, and they are now on the brink of divorce.)

We want the blog posts below to help you learn more about the interactional dance you and your spouse are in. You have a lot of power to improve your marriage, even by yourself because your spouse is not just reacting to events in your shared life, but to you specifically.