5 Questions for Leaning Out Wives

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Right Now

It can be hard to take a longer-term perspective right now.  So here’s a “thought experiment.”  It’s 20 years in the future and your grown up child (or someone who now is a good friend to both of you and your spouse) asks you these five questions.  How would you feel about your responses?

How much did you think about your own contributions to the problems in the marriage?

Did you get serious help for the marriage before ending it?

Was there someone else you were involved with at the time, or someone you fantasized about getting involved with?

Did your spouse want to try one more time to save the marriage?  If you said no to that request what was your reason?

How much did you worry about the consequences for your children?  Do you think you minimized those effects by telling yourself that they would be fine if you were fine?

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