Feeling Stuck Being a Confidant?

friend opens up about his or her marriage

Our mission is to get couples unstuck.

But you know who couples talk to WAY more than marriage therapists (or even clergy?)


You are a friend. A neighbor. A coworker. A family member.

You’re the person that listens, offers advice and… let’s be honest, sometimes gets stuck, annoyed, frustrated or exhausted when you hear the same complaints year after year and nothing changes.

This is where we come in!

You are what we call a Marital First Responder. And we want to start you off with a fun, free audio on how to get unstuck from those negative, draining conversations–you’ll feel freer immediately after listening. These tools are fast, effective, and may just give you the perspective and distance you need (while still being caring and supportive).


Tired of discussing the same marital issue with someone?
We have 2 key strategies that can help break the pattern.