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Considering Marriage Counseling?

Nervous About Counseling?

The idea of going to marriage counseling can feel stressful. Most people have no idea how to bring it up and are nervous about how their spouse will respond.

The Owner's Manual to Marriage Counseling

The idea of going to marriage counseling can feel stressful. You want to make sure you are getting the right help.

For Husbands Whose Wives Are Talking Divorce

Is Your Wife
Talking Divorce?

Most people have no idea that two-thirds of divorces are filed by women.

This leaves a LOT of men—millions of them—without great guidance on what to do in response to an unwanted proposal of divorce. During a time of enormous stress, our instincts and emotions can get the better of us. Here we help men take it step by step. We make no assumptions that you—or your wife—have “messed up badly.” All we know is that she wants out and this is a life crisis we want to help you rise to.

The Husband Game Plan

If your wife is talking divorce, this is the next step—after the First Step Guide.

These are tricky times and it’s important to move the right way to avoid making the situation worse. This Game Plan offers you the best hope that your wife may decide to seek therapy together—instead of moving to divorce—and it gives you a better understanding of how your marriage may have gotten off track.  It gives you concrete strategies to deal with what may be (or maybe not) a surprising situation for you. Some men truly have no idea how miserable their wives are until the “divorce” word is used.

Hopeful Spouse Guide

You're likely going through a huge range of emotions- most of them very unpleasant for you and your spouse. We validate these emotions and offer you a way to deal with yourself that doesn't add more stress to your spouse.

Spouse Unwilling to Try Marriage Counseling?

One-Person Roadmap

Transformation is very possible with ONLY you involved. But, you'll need a roadmap and enough understanding of your marriage to create lasting, positive change.

For Wives Considering Divorcing Their Husbands

5 Questions

Decisions about your marriage should not be made hastily. Ask yourself these questions first.

Ambivalence Quiz

There are good reasons to consider pausing and reflecting.

Take the assessment used in cutting edge divorce research around the USA.

Barriers to Change

Wives leaning out of their marriage almost universally want greater clarity on their existing marriage issues and confidence about what to do next.

The Clarity Workshop

The Clarity Workshop is all the “cognitive” stuff – the ideas and thoughts about marriage.

The Essential Guide is about “Okay, what action to take” now that you’re much more aware of what normal marriages are like, how yours may be broken, and what you can do about it. Focused on your self-awareness, this Guide gives you an easy opportunity to start shifting your own behaviors in healthier ways. Maybe you think you’ve been clear with your husband.  But many wives don’t understand (and thus don’t communicate clearly about) what’s going enough underneath common complaints like dirty socks or not enough attention.

Essential Guide For
Wives Leaning Out

The Essential Guide offers the roadmap
of exactly what to do right now in your marriage.

Do friends and family confide in you about their marriages,
but you'd like to be more helpful or impactful?

Get Unstuck

Going in circles with someone who constantly complains about the same marital issue?

Marital First Responders Workshop

Whether you're young, middle aged, male, female, urban, rural, have one best friend or are a natural magnet for people to confide in you, this is a brand new, really fun way to learn how marriages really work and how to address all the problems thrown your way with friends, family and coworkers.