The Hopeful Spouse Guide

Now is the time.

Be intentional in what you do, say, and how you react to your spouse.

An Action Guide Plus a Deep Dive Into Marriage Patterns You're Likely Participating In

The Best Ways to Deal With Your Emotional Reactions

You're likely going through a huge range of emotions- most of them very unpleasant for you and your spouse. We validate these emotions and offer you a way to deal with yourself that doesn't add more stress to your spouse.

Engaging With Your Spouse

People considering divorce have a wide range of feelings. We offer you the most effective way to engage your spouse and give you the warnings of what may seem natural to do or say right now but won't help and can hurt. You'll also get the paradoxical power play likely going on right now and why you must honor it - knowing it'll shift again if you can save your marriage.

Engaging With Your Life

Your spouse just put a crisis in your life, and now is the time to get a life? That's right. We share strategies to calm yourself down, to give your spouse the space he or she needs, and to not make things worse. These trying times do not come with a logical rule book, but our Hopeful Spouse Guide offers the very best of a complex, nuanced understanding of couples on the brink.

Bonus Material - Deep Dive into Marriages

We will share our 3 Common Patterns that Get Couples in Trouble course as well as the How Bad Is Your Marriage course. Both of these will offer grounded ideas of where you may have gone off the rails in your marriage. With a deeper understanding of where your wife is coming from and a greater awareness of how marriages fall apart, you will be armed with ideas and action ideas to offer your marriage the best hope for healing.

Confidence in a Time of Crisis.

We can't see you live in our office, so this is the next best approach.

There is very little solid support for individuals whose spouses are considering divorce. In fact, many people have no idea two-thirds of divorces are initiated by women. As you likely float between anger, sadness, confusion, frustration, your actions now are likely playing an important role in what your spouse does next. This online course is designed precisely to offer you solid, trustworthy wisdom and support in these dark hours and days to give your marriage the best chance at healing from this crisis. 

"We are part of cutting edge research on divorce.
Your emotions and thoughts matter and we're here to walk along side you."

Bill Doherty, Ph.D.