In Marital Crisis

A marital crisis can throw the calmest person into a tailspin.

Whether divorce is being threatened (by you or your spouse), an affair was recently discovered, something dramatic is happening in your lives (or the lives of people close to you) that is causing your marriage to struggle, you’re in the right place.

If divorce is on the table, you will want to visit our On The Brink article and probably seek out our specialized service called Discernment Counseling.

Right now two things are going on: the crisis and your reaction to it. Or you may have a second crisis on your hands because the original problem just ballooned into a second set of dramatic moves by you or your spouse. Our blog posts are here to help.  We have online information (we can’t replace good therapy but we do our best to offer what we’d give you in person) and we have a lot of expert marriage therapists ready to help you.