Is Your Wife Talking Divorce?

Is Your Wife Talking Divorce?

The "D" word can rock a man to his core.

Whether or not you knew your wife was unhappy, if she brings up divorce, it's time for your immediate, thoughtful attention. No doubt there is a ton of things going on in your marriage right now--way beyond the scope of a small blog post. You may be feeling badly about your own behavior that led to her bringing up divorce--or you may be angry at her for something that's she's doing, like having an affair.

You certainly need more than simplistic online advice.

No matter what, if you want to give your marriage its best shot, there are small, intentional steps you must take now. We know this landscape well and are part of cutting edge-research on husbands who are exactly in your shoes. This is the backdrop to our online support for you. Of course any of our marriage counselors, and especially our Discernment Counselors (who are even more specialized in couples on the brink), are another resource.

But if you want an immediate action step, here is what we'd say in a phone call to you if you were a dear friend whose wife had just brought up divorce.