Clarity Workshop

It is painful to be uncertain about your marriage.

We can offer clarity on what has happened to get to this point and confidence about what to do next. 

This course can help you uncover what you may be missing,
even if you've had individual and couples therapy.

Increase your awareness of yourself in your marriage to help you decide on the next best action step...

Explore Research Based Attitudes Towards Divorce, Common Emotional Stances, and Barriers to Hope

We start with where your marriage is at compared to most marriages. Why do people get divorced and how do their reasons match where you're at emotionally? Then, we walk you through the five barriers to hope that you may be feeling about your spouse and your marriage. Much of what we share is brand new - most therapists and even divorce lawyers don't know this stuff.

How Bad is Your Marriage?

Learn the roles we all play in marriage (it takes two to tango). Go deeper into understanding why you feel things are so out of balance that you're considering leaving. Learn how all marriages struggle and exactly why there can be so much pain in a marriage. Discover the common dysfunctional patters - and how these patterns are the core to really good marriage counseling.

What About the Kids? How to Talk to Your Spouse and Action Steps!

We share the research on divorce with children, and offer advice about how you may have engaged your husband (or not) and how to be more forthcoming.

Clarity and Confidence - Finally Breathe!

You Deserve Clarity About Your Marriage in These Troubled Times.

There is not a lot of cultural wisdom out there for women who are not sure about divorce or working on their marriage. You're likely to get two extreme responses, "divorce the bastard" or "how dare you leave your lifelong commitment." Neither approach lets you focus on YOU, and why you are at the spot you're in. This online course is designed precisely to offer you safe, trustworthy wisdom and support in these dark hours and days.

We are a part of cutting edge research on divorce. Your feelings and thoughts matter. We're here to walk along side you.

Bill Doherty, Ph.D.