Our Mission

Our Mission:  Getting marriages unstuck.


We believe that, for those who choose marriage, there is no greater personal development opportunity in human life.  A healthy marriage is a graduate school of self-knowledge, humility, and growth.

We believe that children thrive best when their parents love each other and live under the same roof (except when it’s dangerous.)

We believe that there are a lot of unnecessary divorces. Many divorced individuals express later regret about not trying harder or exploring more deeply what was possible for their marriage. (Remarriage divorce rates support one of our mottoes: “You can’t divorce yourself.”)  Some divorces are necessary to prevent further harm from a toxic marriage, but many divorces are unnecessary.

We believe in commitment as a moral, ethical promise made to someone else–not to be abandoned lightly but only when all alternative solutions to serious marital problems have been exhausted.

And finally, we believe the modern era seduces us with a me-first, happiness-at-all-costs vision of marriage that creates expectations that can’t be met in any marriage–and then misery when we move on in search of an “unreachable star.”