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Answers to common therapy questions

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Why do marriages take work to maintain and what does the work look like, exactly?

What is nagging really about and how do we stop nagging or stop being nagged?

What does healthy fighting look like in marriage and can you learn to fight healthy while your spouse is still fighting dirty?

Shouldn’t my partner do what I ask when I have clearly stated how I would like to be appreciated or supported?

Most marriages are time-starved, but what do you do when life is so busy and two people disagree on what is fun or enjoyable?

My way or the dysfunctional, annoying highway: how do we possibly find acceptance of our spouses wrong ways of doing life?

Counselors sharing moments in marriage counseling that make all the heartache, yelling, and stress worth it.

What is empathy? What does it look like and what are some myths about it?

How well do we actually know our spouse? Whose responsibility is it to ask vs to share?

Who gets to decide what sex means in a marriage?

When my spouse upsets me, whose responsibility is it that I feel better?

How do couples change when they’ve done the same thing for years or even decades? What exactly does that look like?