Professional Help

You are seeking outside help and are in the right place.

The big question now is which type of service would best fit your marriage. There is standard marriage counseling, where you are both motivated and ready to work on change.  We have diverse therapists along the religious to secular spectrum, using many different models of couples therapy, all over the nation (and abroad.)

For about 30% of couples seeking counseling, one spouse is very uncertain about staying the marriage.  If this is you, or your spouse, then traditional marriage counseling may fail because one of you is unsure about staying or leaving.  The better service for your situation is called Discernment Counseling. Designed as a short-term, clarity-seeking process with a trained marriage expert, you will both be supported over 1-5 sessions. The goal is simply to decide what action to take next, whether that be to work on the marriage, separate/divorce, or in some couples, they get their marriage off the divorce track but do not decide to pursue more intensive therapy.

Below are the directory links.  We also have blog posts that may help you answer doubts, questions, and curiosity you may have about professional help.