The Real Enemies of Marriage—It’s Not Marriage Counseling

In our culture there are a lot of weird myths about marriage and marriage counseling. Many folks out there peddle their solutions, often not grounded in evidence and research, while the media portrays the very worst of what a lay person imagines marriage therapy could be.

The reality is more hopeful: if you seek a trained couples therapist (like the ones we vet for our website), you’re in the best hands for preserving your marriage. Skilled professionals can take the most down-and-out couples and help them turn things around to the point they feel like they should have a new wedding for a brand new marriage.

But… there are enemies to marriage lurking in our society. We wanted to share the top ones and why we’ve created a whole website here at Modern Commitment to help flush out all the ways couples get stuck and how to get on a healthy marriage track instead of running away from marriage without realizing where its enemies lie–in the culture.

We can not emphasize enough that if you have struggles in your marriage – don’t ignore it and don’t go tell one person to “fix themselves.” Seek help together.

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