The Husband's Game Plan

Worried about your marriage?

It Ain't Over Yet.

Now is the time for an action plan to give your marriage its best chance of survival.

Get Yourself Centered, Focused, and Patient

Get Your Emotions Under Control

You're likely off kilter, a little or a lot. Whether you're yelling, crying, distancing, or doing anything else you don't normally do, this is NOT helping your wife or your marriage right now. We help you understand that it is crazy-making time, and why it is vital to stay focused.

12 Rules to Follow

We give you exactly what rules to follow. Some we admit will be really hard (like not pointing out her flaws or mistakes in the marriage- that's for later if you can get past this crisis point). Our Game Plan is to make sure your wife has the space she needs while you give her the very best of what a wife in her situation needs from you. If you can follow the Game Plan, your situation will not spin out of control- and it may improve greatly.

Getting Outside Help

You have options here no matter what your wife wants to do. We'll walk you through these options, which include going to counseling on your own to help save your marriage.

We Hold Hope for Your Marriage.

Two thirds of all divorces are initiated by wives. Many of them in their heart don't really want a divorce. Now is the time to step up, step in, and make the right moves to give your marriage its best hope.

This may be the rockiest and most shattering experience of your life. If this is your first time experiencing such a marital crisis, we are acutely aware of your pain. This Game Plan comes out of cutting edge research and work with hundreds of couples and men in your exact shoes.

We are a part of cutting edge research on divorce. Your feelings and thoughts matter. We're here to walk along side you.

Bill Doherty, Ph.D.