To Stay Or Go

Deciding whether to stay in a marriage is a painful, long journey for most individual spouses.

Divorce is rarely a shared decision, which puts an extra burden on the person trying to weigh the pros and cons of staying versus leaving.

Having doubts is not made any easier by sharing the news with your spouse. What can they do or say to change your mind? Do you even think there is anything they can do, or is this a mindset shift you've made and only you can find your way through it?

If you've not yet shared your doubts with your spouse, you are not alone. Millions of people are in your shoes: doubting alone.

The blog posts below are meant to help you sort through what may be ailing your marriage.

If you have shared your doubts with your spouse, we suggest looking at Discernment Counseling. We also have a helpful, free mini-course on the 5 barriers to change many wives face. (We are working on material for husbands considering leaving.)

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Discernment Counseling

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